Welcome to PBN Church

Covid-19. There, I said it.

It’s disruptive, it’s wreaking havoc on our world, and it’s changing everything.

Change is hard, but when EVERYTHING is changing, ‘hard’ just doesn’t seem to capture our feelings adequately. As your pastor, I want you to know that I understand—lots of things have changed for me too; I feel the same way.

But there are things that won’t change:

o   God remains the same (yesterday, today and forever);

o   People still need each other;

o   The church is still the way Jesus chooses to infiltrate the world.

Here at PBN Church, we’re striving to make sure you know that we’re still here and we’re still here for you. But as I mentioned before, there are some things that have changed:

o   We’re following the CDC’s recommendation for keeping groups at <10, so we’ll be meeting in a new way thru at least the end of April.

o   Youth ministry will not be meeting on Wednesday nights

o   Belong groups can meet if <10, but it’s up to the group leader’s discretion

We recognize that this is HUGE, and it’s hard to take, so we’re going to work hard to stay in contact with you via emails, texts, phone calls and maybe some old-school, hand written notes, but you should check our websiteInstagram and Facebook page regularly (and you should tell all of your friends about these things too).

As far as our regular weekly gathering on Sundays, well, now you can connect through your computer, phone, TV or tablet, on demand via Youtube. Each weekend, we’ll load a new episode of sharing, teaching, and singing to our Youtube channel, so you’ll be encouraged (even though we’re social distancing).

And finally, since the expenses of our church and the costs of ministry continue in spite of this global pandemic, I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that we do have online giving and text giving options in place (of course the mail is still running if you prefer giving by check).

We’re going to get through this. We’re going to get through this stronger than we were before. We’re praying for you.

Pastor Dale Butler, the PBN Church staff and the PBN Church board