PBN Current sermon Series

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel good, and there’s no shortage of advice or ideas floating around to help us feel better. The challenge is to separate what works, from what doesn’t work. We’ve been told a lot of things that just aren’t true:
*  Pull out a grey hair and two more will appear in its place—not true (thank you Jesus)

*  Cracking your knuckles will give you arthritis–nope

*  Eating carrots will improve your eyesight—no, but a carrot farmer can dream

*  If your ears are ringing, then somebody is talking about you—LOL

*  The Five Second Rule—we actually wish this were true

Then there are things we’ve been told (or led to believe) about ‘faith’ that just aren’t true—they may make us feel better, but they won’t help us follow Jesus better.

Join us on Sundays in beginning September 12th as we look to find MORE THAN A FEEL GOOD FAITH.

(Sept 12) More than a feel good faith. Pt 1

“God never gives us more than we can handle?”