PBN Salty Kids


   While we’re not able to meet together, check in with Ms. Trish on Sundays at 10:30 a.m for your WORSHIP KIT.  Enjoy lots of Salty Kid Resources here and  FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK or Instagram @PBNSaltyKids. Stay engaged, encouraged and enjoy this extra “stay-at-home” time with family.


Each of us have some God-given talents! Find CREATIVE ways to use your TALENT for good! Maybe you're a good baker...bake brownies for a neighbor; maybe art is your thing...paint a picture for your mailman; maybe you love to sing...record a happy song and send it to your Grandma! Taco 'bout how you shared your talent to Ms. Trish and she'll deliver tacos to your house!


Salty Kids want to be salt and light to everyone they meet!  PINCH ‘O SALT Zoom Time for Kids is Thursdays at 11am! We talk about the Bible lesson, play games, craft, even cook! Check your emails/texts for the link, ID & password to get your PINCH ‘O SALT each week!


When we see the beautiful world around us, we’re reminded that God is SO great, powerful and creative. Jesus used creativity in how He told parables, performed miracles, and helped His followers understand more about what it means to be part of God’s Kingdom. We’re created in God’s image, too, and when we create, we reflect the image of God to the world around us!

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