PBN Salty Kids

Kids Ministry is fully open Onsite for Babies – 5th graders during adult church at 10:30am each Sunday.

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PBN is making Christmas this year a little merrier for some Pompano Beach Elementary students and families! Stop by the Angel Tree in the church lobby and then shop ’til you drop!

It's easy for us to look around and want MORE. If we're not careful, we can find ourselves wishing we had more stuff... better stuff...or someone else's stuff. But our whole outlook changes if we choose CONTENTMENT -- and learn to "roll with what we've got." Our UPcycle theme is a bit of a play on words, because often we can find a lot of enjoyment when we focus on what we already have...or even find ways to "upcycle" it and make it better.

A community garden will teach our preschoolers that "I can thank God for everything." When we thank God for everything, we are showing God that we believe He can use ALL things for His purpose and nothing is too big for Him. We want our preschoolers to experience the contentment, joy, and peace that comes from a thankful heart.

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