SERVE at PBN Church

Part of belonging is jumping in with us and getting involved.  It is also a great way to build better relationships.
2 ways to Serve at PBN is with one of our teams or serve during our community outreaches.

1) Help us create a special day and connection for each person who come to our campus.  The Connections Team is part of the heart and soul of PBN Church.  Along with all our Ministries at PBN, we are about creating opportunities for you to be the hands and feet of Christ.  And that includes the first CONNECTION people make with us on Sunday!  WILL YOU JUMP IN? 

2)  PBN Church loves our community and the neighborhood we are planted in.  Throughout the year, we try to meet needs and serve the area.

OUR NEXT SERVE DAY is August 1st.

We will meet during our regular church service time (10:30am) with a short church “service” to then heading out to serve. 

*Picking up trash

*Putting together Crisis Care kits and appreciation items for Pompano Elementary.