kick is all about helping you connect with God, grow spiritually while building relationships with the PBN family.
On Wednesday nights, kick groups will include a variety of bible studies, classes/seminars for you to join.  Groups will run 4-8 weeks with different options to choose through the year.  WHAT ABOUT THE KIDS?  KidMin (birth-5th) and YouthMin (6th-12th)  will have their own groups alongside of kick.

Group Classes/Seminar Selections Sept-Nov

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A group study with video where couples (from newly married to decades together) learn together and encourage one another to achieve God’s design for their marriages. Led by Michelle Butler
Discipleship was one of the central themes of Jesus’ teaching, yet it is not a major emphasis today in many churches. We’d like to change that. This group will be studying discipleship for 7 weeks (into mid-November) led by Pastor Dale