kick is all about helping you connect with God, grow spiritually while building relationships with the PBN family.
On Wednesday nights, kick groups will include a variety of bible studies, classes/seminars for you to join.  Groups will run 4-8 weeks with different options to choose through the year. 

KidMin (birth-5th) and YouthMin (6th-12th)  will have their own groups alongside of kick on Wednesday nights.

Group Classes/Seminar Selections for Spring 2019-
New Classes begin Wednesday nights Mar. 13th!
also new option for women on Thursday Nights and Grief Share on Mondays

Click below video to REGISTER for a class.  For info on Women’s Thursday night Bible Study- GO HERE!   Grief Share info Here!
You are always welcome to come and give a class a try!

Register here! for When God’s People Pray

Register Here for Men’s 33 Session 2