February and September each year we highlight expanding our reach and collect specifically for ALABASTER-
building churches and ministry support around the world

To make a commitment to Giving to Faith Promise go here

In 2019-2020 PBN Church Missions giving highlights-
  •  $29,289 raised for Faith Promise
  • $1,569 raised for Amazon River Project
  • 120 boxed lunches for Our Father’s House
  • Crisis Housing provided for Hope SoFlo
  • $1,077 raised for Alabaster
  • Care packages given to area homeless
  • One-pot meals prepared for foster families
Our Goal is to give $35,000 away to these ministries 2020-2021-
  • World Evangelism & Education Fund (WEF)
  • Deputation & Christmas LINKS (Missionaries)
  • Pensions & Benevolence (retired Pastors)
  • District NMI
  • World Mission Radio
  • Child Sponsorship
  • Memorial Roll/Distinguished Service Awards
  • Books/Resources
  • Local Operating Funds