God’s goodness is on display,
10,000 times throughout my day;
I’ve missed His intentions for me more than I should,
because I’ve been proud, I’ve been blind,
I’ve misunderstood.

Decisions I’ve made, have put mileage on my frame,
and distance between us—I will admit;
but Jesus has remained steadfast;
my instability does not shake Him, not even a little bit.

His sovereignty stretches from one side of history to the other,
so why should I fret?
It’s enough to know that He loves me, and He likes me,
and He’s not finished with me yet.

I placed my trust in justice—
it promised to save in the end;
but man’s justice did not save me; it did not satisfy me;
it did not become my friend.

I realized that if I want to get some closure;
if I want to clearly see;
I need to get to the heart of these two questions:
What do I think about God,
and what does God think about me?

Pastor Dale Butler
February, 2021
written especially for our